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Learning Scenario

Learning Scenarios

I’m looking for Open Schooling projects to do with my students. Inspire me with Learning Scenarios.

Learning Unit

Learning Units

I want to start small and try out a single Open Schooling module. Inspire me with Learning Units.

Custom Learning Scenario

Build your own

I want to customise an existing Learning Scenario or build my own. Help me organise my ideas.

Open Schooling

Open Schooling is an effective approach for science education, it builds collaboration between schools and local communities by doing real life experiments.

Students and teachers invite parents and their communities, together they develop research and innovation projects which address relevant local challenges, contribute to community development, and promote an active global citizenship attitude.

Smart Kids Lab

Ready to get started with Open Schooling?

Great! This Open Schooling Navigator helps you navigate the world of Open Schooling. It is part of Make it Open, a gateway to Open Schooling where schools become key community actors and students perceive themselves as change makers.