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Open Schooling Navigator features

The Open Schooling Navigator supports you in exploring different forms of open schooling, it inspires you to try out and set up open schooling projects and encourages you to share experiences and knowledge.

Open Schooling Materials

This section offers inspiration to start Open Schooling directly.

Get inspired and start Open Schooling now

The Open Schooling materials in this Navigator are your gateway to Learning Scenarios and Learning Units.

A Learning Scenario should be seen as a supportive framework, allowing you to do an Open Schooling project with your students. It provides content, tools, and context for such a project. And helps to perceive the community around your school as an asset and a partner.

A Learning Unit describes a specific learning activity and is part of a Learning Scenario.

These Open Schooling materials serve as inspiring examples for starting Open Schooling yourself. But they can also be printed or shared with others, so you can start using them directly in your class.

Look for inspiration that fits your own context

You can search for Open Schooling materials that fit your own context using different filtering option. Use the What, Who, Where and With filters to find the right type of Open Schooling for you. Use the advanced search for more filters, like keyword search, age filters and duration.

Mark materials as favourite

You can mark Open Schooling materials as favourite to remember them for later. Materials marked as favourite are saved to your own computer in the browser you used when you marked them. You can find them by clicking on the heart icon in the menu on the top of the page.

Build your own

This section supports you in building your own Learning Scenarios.

Customize existing Learning Scenarios or start from scratch

The section offers two tools that help you to start building your own Learning Scenarios.

The customizing tool offers the possibility to take an existing Learning Scenario as a starting point. Edit it, delete Learning Units and add new ideas for Learning Units to make it fit your own context.

The create tool supports you in organizing your ideas for a completely new Learning Scenario.

We invite you to play around with these tools to get a deeper understanding of how the Open Schooling indicators What, Who, Where and With are influenced by the Learning Units you add to your Learning Scenarios. To get the most out of Open Schooling, aim for a Learning Scenario that has involves others in the teacher role, involves outside partners and brings your students outside the school walls. We also advise to build a project with Learning Units in all phases (Prepare, Brief, Research, Create and Share).

Learning Scenarios that are customized and created by you are saved to your own computer in the browser you used when building them. You can find them in the Build your own section.

Collaborate with colleagues

The Navigator offers the possibility to share Learning Scenarios and Learning Units with others. Use the share buttons to do this. A shared Learning Scenario can also be edited by your colleagues, and they can share their adaptations back with you. This way, sharing Open Schooling Materials helps you to collaborate on starting with Open Schooling.

More about Open Schooling

This section offers more information on Open Schooling and other supporting materials and activities.

Background information

In this section you will find background information on Open Schooling: what is it, what are benefits of Open Schooling and how to get started? Here you can also find testimonials from students, teachers and institutions that already experienced doing Open Schooling.

Other supporting materials and activities

This section also offers other supporting materials and activities that were created by Make it Open. You can find more information on Open Schooling hubs and a MOOC about Open Schooling, and download information packs with information on Open Schooling, the benefits of such a practice and how you can begin exploring open schooling practices within your school/ community.

The Navigator is here for you

The Open Schooling Navigator is part of a mix of actions, tools and resources that supports teachers and educators in Open Schooling. It is developed as part of the EU-funded project Make it Open.


The glossary helps you understand most common terms used in the Open Schooling Navigator.

Other support materials & activities


We provide information packs for teachers and school leaders, with information on open schooling, the benefits of such a practice and how you can begin exploring open schooling practices within your school/ community. At the moment the toolkit is available in English only.

Open Schooling Hubs

Mid 2022 national Open Schooling Hubs have started in 10 countries. Hubs act as educational incubator encouraging schools to transform into open schooling environments and spaces of community wellbeing. The Open Schooling Hubs are the main contact point for Open Schooling in their country, and act as supporters and facilitators offering training and regular meet-ups for teachers and other educators.


We offer a Massive Open Online Course (in English) to help you choose and build your own open schooling learning scenarios. The MOOC will connect teachers and educators with various levels of experience in Open Schooling. The course will run for a period of 4 weeks during the 1st semester of 2023 and will remain available afterwards.